Rent the Sign Trailer
Our sign trailer near the Southampton Rexall and High St. sign is available for short-term loans to Not-for-Profit organizations within the Saugeen Shores area, subject to availability.
If possible, a donation towards trailer and sign upkeep would be appreciated.
The sign trailer is two-sided and provides up to 5 lines of text per side, with a maximum of 14 characters per line. The High St. sign is single-sided and slightly larger, but we recommend sticking to a similar number of characters.
The purpose and wording on the sign must align with the values of the Rotary Club and will require pre-approval by the Club.
Borrowers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Town of Saugeen Shores bylaws for details CLICK HERE 
The borrower is responsible for any damage made to or by the trailer.
To check availability contact us CLICK HERE
Highway 21
Highway 21
High St