Rotary-Sponsored STEM Workshops Engage Local Elementary Students
For the third consecutive year, the Rotary clubs of Southampton, Saugeen Shores and Port Elgin have sponsored STEM workshops in 5 local schools throughout the spring term. Through the “Scientists in School” program, children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 get to do a variety of hands-on science experiments and activities to learn about important concepts in their science curriculum. This year, the three local clubs each sponsored one workshop in our 5 local elementary schools. A total of 14 engaging workshops were undertaken. From learning about seeds and plants to constructing structures for different purposes, students enjoyed and learned a good deal from the hands-on instruction and materials provided by the program. Teacher Cheryl Barnard comments: “The kids had a blast! They were engaged the whole time and loved the added challenge at the end of the program which they could work on here at school, or at home.” Teacher Victoria Ruby comments: “The invertebrates unit was very hands-on and engaging. The students loved working with the clay provided.” Grade 1 student Lily says “Scientists in School is useful to help kids minds grow and learn new things,” while a classmate adds, "“You get to learn about being a scientist by making and testing things.” And Grade 1-2 student, Cohen, says “I liked learning about different insects. It was awesome!”
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