The Rotary Club of Southampton was the original donor
In 1945, as World War II was drawing to a close Southampton Mayor Ellis Millard had a dream to open a hospital as a memorial to the men who gave their lives in this ultimate sacrifice.
The project was first supported by the Club who in September 1945 pledged $15,500 towards the purchase of Hillcrest Lodge as the site of the new hospital.  That's a whopping $260,000 @ 2022 price levels..!
The total cost of the project was around $50,000. The Hospital was opened on October 16th, 1947 and boasted 21 adult beds and 7 infant cubicles according to the first Annual Report.
Hillcrest Lodge Post Card Image.

Since that time the Club has been a regular supporter of the Hospital and since 1992 the Club has partnered with the Port Elgin Rotary Club and the Track Club to host the Rotary Huron Shore Run to raise funds for the Hospital Foundation.