The Club in partnership with the Hand Up Group and our global partner the Rotary Club of Kumbo in the Mbororo District of Cameroon and with funding from the Rotary Foundation has provided clean water for 10,000 people in 4 villages.
The inhabitants now have a convenient and safe source of potable water that is spring fed from a source in the hills and delivered by gravity to tap stands within their communities on the lower areas.
Wash stations and toilets were built at a school.
Women and girls travelled for 45 minutes each away to reach a supply of clean water, this and the lack of private toilets at the school  prohibited girls from regularly attending school.
The Mbororo communities depend on cattle rearing. They used to be nomads and wandered from one place to another in search of pasture for their cattle. Relatively recently, they have been forced to settle into communities due to limited supply of land for development purpose. Because they were the last to settle, they had to make do with land that no one else wanted. Their access to clean water was deplorable and they had to consume water from the same sources as their cattle. Many residents suffered from water borne diseases.